Specialist services

In addition to our standard painting and decorating services, we offer a range of specialist, faux effect painting services. Please view our project gallery for some examples of our work.

Stone walling

Stone walling, also known as faux stone effect or stone blocking, is a specialist technique that uses paint effects to recreate different types of stone to enhance spaces and add interest to walls and other surfaces.

Our stone block finishes are produced to meet your specific requirements with each block treated separately to enhance the appearance of the effect. Details are hand painted on afterwards to replicate the natural effect of the stone being mimicked. The mortar lines are then painted in free hand to reproduce the natural characteristics of stone walling. We can produce a variety of stone finishes, applied directly to prepared surfaces using a build up of glazes and textured stone finishes for an even more realistic effect.


Marbling is an imitation created by specialist craftsmen using specific colours ground into various mediums and manipulated in a way that provides them with such an effect so that it represents a piece of natural marble. The procedure involves creating depth and translucency by building up layers of precisely graded pigments.

Marbling can be applied to any surface that can be painted. Marbling paint finish is often used on columns, plinths, and fireplaces. Our experts can tailor the finish from dramatic and strong, or to a very soft and subtle, depending on your requirements.

Marbling requires true expertise and craftsmanship to realistically recreate the characteristics of marble, highlighting the subtleties and details of this material.


The technique of graining uses paint to simulate the appearance of exotic and expensive timbers. Used mainly on door frames, cupboards, skirting, window casements and paneling, the technique dates back to as early as the sixteenth century in this country. It was commonly used in houses to imitate more expensive woods, such as oak, walnut and mahogany.

Our accomplished craftsman will create grains which are indistinguishable from genuine timber using specific colours ground into various mediums and manipulated to give the desired effect.

We use a combination of traditional methods, modern materials, specialist expertise and extensive experience to represent natural wood in a convincing manner.



We offer our specialist decorating and painting services for both domestic and commercial customers based in London, Surrey, the South East and nationwide. Please contact us today for a no obligation quote.